It was 1992 when the new incarnation of the band Fair Exchange began recording two of their early studio tracks. Both songs, “When The Angels Come” and “After The Rain,” were introduced to the band by Dave Perrigan and me. It was suggested that friend and former Crumbächer guitarist Dan Hohulin become part of the project as a producer.

Dan had met both Fair Exchange bassist Marc Miller and drummer Gary Zdenek during their time with the original incarnation of the band. Several of the original band members were missionary kids like Dan.

At the time, Dave Perrigan and I were a bit apprehensive about Dan’s involvement and contribution to the demo we were putting together because neither of us knew him. But Marc and Gary were enthusiastic about what Dan could contribute to the project, so Dave and I reluctantly agreed.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions the band could have made. Dan challenged us both and the band to raise the bar much higher. His insights and ideas were on the mark. Dan would also add his signature score to the intro of the song “After The Rain.” He also really helped the song reach its full potential, as well as bringing out more depth and texture to the song “When The Angels Come.” Dan brought out the strongest ideas in each of those songs, and the band and their music were better for it.

The songs themselves were recorded in many steps and layers. The drums for “After The Rain” were sequenced via MIDI tracking at Dan’s house using an Alesis D4 rack unit. At the time, Gary was recovering from an injury that prevented him from playing drums for a period of time. Dan and Gary would painstakingly ensure that every hit and crash was flawless.

It was there at Dan’s house that I got a glimpse of his many talents. Dan had been working on a few original songs for himself under the stage name Daniel Richards. One of the songs he played for me was titled “Union and Communion.” I instantly liked it.

As mentioned above, Dan, an accomplished guitarist in his own right, was also a former member of the 80s Christian pop/synth band, Crumbächer. Dan had not only toured with the Crumbächer but had also recorded several albums with the band. I could tell that Dan had a love for arranging and songwriting. The “Union and Communion” track had it all. It included an epic arrangement, gorgeous guitar textures, nicely placed synth pads, and a haunting melody. You could certainly hear the influence of groups like The Beatles, The Moody Blues, and ELO. You could also hear his unique writing style as well. It is some pretty cool stuff.

The second recording, “Man of Sorrows,” was another epic tune. It’s the kind of stuff I really enjoy. Dan would provide all the instrumentation. Although I believe Gary might have contributed drums and percussion to both tracks, I also believe Dan’s wife Lynn contributed backing vocals as well on the song “Man of Sorrows.”

I would listen to these tracks over and over again throughout the years, appreciating them more and more. I appreciate all the time and effort it must have taken to produce his demo, as I like catchy songs.

Dan and I would reconnect in late 1999 to work on the album “Not Guilty.” Dan asked if I could do some studio work on an eleven-track studio album. One of the songs on the album was “Union and Communion.” I was delighted to be asked. That album is available here.

Gary and I had the pleasure of seeing Dan again in 2005 at the Broken Records Reunion Concert in Irvine, California. This concert featured a number of classic Christian rock bands from the 80s, including The Choir, Undercover, The Alter Boys, and of course, Crumbächer. Dan and the rest of Crumbächer put on an awe-inspiring show.

Below are two of Dan’s classic original songs. I hope you enjoy them.

  1. Union and Communion Dan Hohulin 4:17
  2. Man Of Sorrows Dan Hohulin 3:44

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