“Bald” was the summer of 1987 when Steve Hamitt, Tom Grady, and I became good friends in high school. During my senior year, Tom, Steve, and I won the 1987 Norwalk All-City Talent Show and a cool $100 for my first composition, “The Del Taco Rap.” Tom and I later put our creative heads together to write our first mainstream song entitled “Dreamin’.” It was later covered by the band New Day.

As fans of novelty songs and legendary 96.7 KMET radio disc jockey Doctor Demento, Tom, Steve, and I would eventually meet Doctor Demento during our appearance on CBS’s “The Gong Show.” Though we didn’t win, we wanted to try our hand at a new novelty tune. As a result, we wrote the song “Bald.”

Bald was written in just one day. We drew inspiration from Tone Lōc’s 1980s hit “Funky Cold Medina.” “Bald,” tells the story of an average guy who wakes up one morning to find that his whole world has changed. He has lost all his hair. In the song, the guy becomes bald and experiences ridicule and awkward events that come with it. The music includes references to the famous bald guy Kojak and his lollipop.

  1. Bald Tom Grady 3:23

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