This week’s Flash Back Friday is a tribute to Bartt Wheeler, a poet and songwriter who is a longtime friend of mine. Bartt and I first met in 1985, where I quickly discovered our shared passion for music and writing, and soon began working on songs together. Our collaboration began in high school in the children’s theater class where we found that the talented kids could really shine. It was there that I first realized Bartt’s incredible talent for poetry and lyricism, as well as his ability to craft amazing melodies.

It was in the 1980s, Bartt and I spent countless hours together, working on our music and trying to get ourselves on stage at all the big comedy clubs. It was a wild time, and we were determined to make our mark on the world.

Throughout this period, Bartt and I would spend hours and hours spitting out song ideas and refining our craft. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot along the way.

For this Flashback Friday, I am excited to share a rare recording of Bartt and me performing the song “Summer 84.” Bartt takes on the vocals, while I play the keyboards. It’s amazing to hear how much we’ve grown since those early days, but the passion and love for music is still the same. Back then, we were two dreamers doing what we loved, and it’s great to look back on those memories and know that we’ve come so far.

Putting our ideas on tape was always a blast, and “Summer 84” is a perfect example of that. I had written a chord progression and played it for Bartt, who immediately provided the lyrics and melody. We spent hours perfecting the song, and it’s one of our proudest achievements. This track is a rare find, and I’m thrilled to finally share it in digital format. I hope you all enjoy this Flashback Friday and the opportunity to hear two young dreamers doing what they love!

  1. Summer 84 Bart Wheeler 3:40

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