This week’s Flashback Friday will showcase Fair Exchange’s song, “Out of the Ashes”. The band would mark my fourth musical adventure. After playing with the band New Jerusalem, I had a chance meeting with bassist Marc Miller and drummer Gary Zdenek. The two had been touring and playing in the rock band Fair Exchange. However, due to internal conflicts and disagreements about the band’s musical direction, Fair Exchange disbanded.

I found Marc at Eastside Christian Church in Fullerton, California. Following that meeting, and hearing our demo Marc agreed to join New Jerusalem. Marc’s impressive bass skills and knowledge of Marillion caught my attention. He suggested bringing in Gary Zdenek to drum for New Jerusalem, as the current drummer lacked the necessary skill.

During the audition at Gary’s place, he wore a black leather jacket and dark shades, which made him appear intimidating. However, once he and Marc started playing, I knew I was in the presence of greatness. Eventually, Gary was convinced to join New Jerusalem, thanks to an El Pollo Loco burrito. At Marc and Gary’s suggestion, the band took on Fair Exchange’s name.

During our time together, we performed, recorded original music, produced two music videos, and recorded an EP. “Out of the Ashes” was one of the first Christian songs I wrote after becoming a believer and was written for the New Jerusalem album, Holy Ghost Stories, in 1992.

Fair Exchange performed at several live venues, including The Fireside in Downey, California. I hope you enjoy this week’s Flashback Friday, which features Fair Exchange’s performance of “Out of the Ashes”.

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