“Suddenly You’re The One” by Michelle Hughes – Each Friday, I will try to upload some rare and unique finds from my massive collection of cassette tapes for a good old nostalgic walk down memory lane. Who knows, something with you could be next? You have no idea what I have kept all these years, but I think it’s time to post some of these treasures for all the world to hear and see.

As I officially kick off the very first Flashback Friday, I am including a recorded track from my very first band, New Day. This track was produced in 1989 on a Tascam 4 Track in the bedroom of bass player Robert Trujillo. This recording features a rare vocal performance by the band’s then-original frontwoman Michelle Hughes. We met Michelle at Buena Park Mall in California. The band decided to venture out to see a movie. When we got to the theater, Michelle was the cashier taking tickets. We told her we were a band, and she said she could sing. The rest is history.

The original song was penned by New Day guitarist Bill Scherer. Bill shared the song during a rehearsal at his apartment. It was such a cool tune. He was a bit apprehensive about introducing it to the band at the time. But I convinced him it needed to be on the band’s setlist. And thus, it was added. The recording features performances by the band New Day, including guitarist Bill Scherer, bass player (and New Day song producer Robert Trujillo), and drummer Xavier Bejinez. Keyboards and the pan flute were provided by me.

  1. Suddenly You're The One Michelle Hughes 3:59

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