Serving God

(Approaching The Creator With Our Most Excellent Gifts)

Introducing my first work as an author, Serving God – Approaching the Creator with Our Most Excellent Gifts. In these pages, you will discover the joys and challenges of helping to bring others to a place of worship. I explore the many ways of approaching worship and share ways to create meaningful and powerful worship experiences. You will learn about the heart of prayer, the power of music, and the compassion needed to surrender in worship. You will also gain insight into the challenges of leading in various contexts and be encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of the theology of prayer. As you turn each page, I pray that you will be inspired to want to bring excellence to your ministry and lead others in worship with a greater passion and authenticity. (Coming Soon)

Under The Poet's Moon

(Killion Finch)

My long-awaited third studio album from my alter ego Killion Finch, ‘Under The Poet’s Moon,’ will be a somber and emotional musical journey. This upcoming album showcases Killion’s return to a more sophisticated songwriting style and will include a number of orchestral arrangements for many of the original songs. I look forward to sharing this work and making it accessible to Killion’s fans. The upcoming album is set for the summer of 2024. A digital version of Killion’s debut album, “Songs Of A Lonely Fragile,” is currently available for download on iTunes and and can be found on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Also available for download is Killion’s second studio album, “Chasing The Sunlight.”


(House OF Ember)

House of Ember’s “Radiant” will be a compilation of authentic worship and praise music focusing on the mercy, love, and glory of our Redeemer and Lord and incorporating a number of new songs. It will also garner the talent of new vocalists and instrumentalists. This upcoming recording is an exciting opportunity to let the praises of the Lord ring forth. Set for early 2024. A free digital version of House Of Ember’s debut album, “Nothing New Under The Son,” is available for free download. Click Here.

Sleeping Station

(Velvet Symphony)

Sleeping Station is the second of a three album trilogy. The instrumental band Velvet Symphony’s debut album, “Counter Clockwise,” garnered a number of positive reviews. The second chapter of this unique project has now begun production. I am continuing the instrumental saga and looking to raise the bar creatively on all fronts. This upcoming album is scheduled for a late 2024 release date. A digital version of Velvet Symphony’s debut album, “Counter Clockwise,” is currently available for download and streaming on iTunes and and can be found on Spotify and many other streaming platforms.