I am a man with passion for my family and God. I am a worship pastor, composer, and digital media designer. My extensive experience in the arts has enabled me to contribute to various projects over my career. 

My introduction to what would become my passion and career came during my time in high school. As a theater geek, I began creating music using the classroom piano. Diane DeJulio, our theater director, offered generous encouragement to me.  So much so, Ms. DeJulio asked me to compose music for our final show of my senior year, which I enthusiastically agreed to do.

During my junior year in high school, I found work in fast-food. I began working at a local Del Taco (a California-based taco and burger chain). During this time, music was changing, and rap music became more commercial. The Beastie Boys’ debut album, License To Ill, was climbing up the pop charts. But it was an off-handed remark I made at work about rap music and a dare that led me to write and produce my first musical work, The Del Taco Rap. This novelty song echoed a typical day in the fast food industry, more specifically, at Del Taco.

I would use my newly bought Casio SK-1 sampler and Mattel Synsonic drums, which I found at a local Sears surplus store, to craft the new tune.

My early days of recording happened when I discovered that if I used two separate tape recorders, one playing music, I pre-recorded, the other recording me playing live. This process would create a multiple-track recording of myself. Ms. DeJulio was also kind enough to allow me to use the classroom supply closet as my makeshift recording studio. Though a long and intense process, it worked well.

I would eventually perform the finished song (recorded on a cassette) with my friends (Tom Grady and Steve Hammit). I gave our group the moniker “The Creatures Of Habit,” which referenced a Del Taco commercial campaign. I eventually added “The Ed” to our name, and we became “The Ed And The Creatures Of Habit.” The other members also needed rap names. So we made Steve Hammit, “Stevie Steve”, and Tom Grady, “T.O.M.”. We ultimately auditioned and took the stage and the First Annual Norwalk All-City Talent Competition. Despite stiff competition, the Del-Taco Rap would win first place and take home first prize a $100. Not too shabby for my first outing as an amateur songwriter.

In 1988, I would again perform the song, this time on a national stage. The song would be performed on the CBS television reboot of The Gong Show. Tom Grady and Steve Hammit would also rejoin me on stage. It was a real hoot!

At the show’s taping, I met my idol, Dr. Demento, as he was among the celebrity judges on the show. Other judges included Stephen NicholsMary Beth Evens from Days of Our Lives, and comedian Bob Zany. While we didn’t win any grand prizes, we also weren’t gonged. After that performance, the song was retired, and I moved on from rap.

I would find myself in my first band a year later, in 1989, and music would continue to be a consistent theme. But it was in 1991 that I would give my life to Jesus Christ and become a follower of His. Since then, God has blessed me, playing and recording with several musical groups and worship teams, as I have since produced and performed on multiple worship albums.

In the ’90s, I began building my own recording studio, Glittertown Studios. The name “Glittertown” was inspired by a song lyric from my favorite band, and the streets of gold mentioned in the Bible, found in the book of Revelation. I have since recorded albums for independent artists and bands. While, of course, working on many of my projects.

In 2000, after earning my degree, I took my skills as an entrepreneur and media designer and launched my own design company, Fiveshock Design. Through Fiveshock, I have had the opportunity for well over two decades to work with a client list that includes Fortune 500 companies such as SONY and Yamaha, best-selling authors, television writers, political voices, top-rated radio hosts, television personalities, and gubernatorial candidates. At one point, Fiveshock designed and managed the online websites for most of the top-rated weekly hosts at KABC radio in Los Angeles. These hosts included Marc Germain (Mr. KABC), Larry Elder (best selling author, guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 60 Minutes, and California gubernatorial candidate)Al Rantel (guest on Dennis Miller, Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect, and The O’Reaily Factor), and Doug McIntyre (television writer for Full House, WKRP in Cincinnati, Married with Children and many others). Fiveshock also designed and launched the first website for Tammy Bruce (best selling author, and Fox News Contributor).

In late 2012, I officially launched my own publishing company, Glittertown Records. This entity now operates as my own independent publishing house. I produce and distribute music through Glittertown Records globally.

In 2016 a new business start-up asked me to join their team as their CMO Chief Marketing Officer. The idea for the company was simple. Think UBER for your kitchen. While at CIBOS, I built their marketing and brand from the ground up. Creating every element of the company’s design and developing their initial layout and for their first mobile app and online presence. I also produced “Cooks University.” An online course that helped CIBOS members adapt their home kitchens to the CIBOS platforms. It was a memorable and challenging experience. 

In 2017, I officially launched The Minstrel, an online custom and royalty-free scoring and production house. I provide original royalty-free scores for films, radio, and television, which are made available to subscribers.

In 2020, I co-founded my first non-profit, Illumination Station, with my wife and a longtime friend. Illumination Station is an online educational platform that sheds light on America’s lost and forgotten heroes and tells their amazing stories through music and animation. As the CCO Chief Creative Officer, I oversee the creative direction of the organization. I also write and produce visual and musical content for the organization’s platform. 

As 2023 rolls in, I am in the final stages of launching a brand-new YouTube channel where I will share about all things pop culture, aptly titled “Ed Pops Culture.” 

Looking back on this journey, I am grateful for all the experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. Every step of the way has been a learning opportunity, from writing my first rap song about working at Del Taco to launching my own design company and publishing house. I am so thankful for my fantastic family and for God introducing me to my wife, Sharon. I am so grateful that God continues to show Himself in our family’s life journey, and I look forward to each new tomorrow He brings. I look forward to continuing to use my talents to positively impact the world, and help others do the same. 

A Musical Journey