I took a small break from my popular Flashback Friday posts now that the holidays are over. However, with the outcry from many of you, they are back with a vengeance!

Not all of the Flashback morsels presented will include me. This week’s Flashback is an example of that – The Anne Dorsey Demo Project.

Anne and I met in Children’s Theater class at John Glenn High School in Norwalk, California, in 1985. Anne had remarkable talent – acting, dancing, singing, and playing the piano. In fact, she was the first person I knew who could play the piano.

It was a memorable time to experiment with music in high school, and Anne and I did several shows together. Many of them, I’m sure, will be featured in future Flashback Friday posts, so keep an eye out!

We played piano together and infused our music into a number of theater projects, and she even gave me the moniker “King of the Piano.” Okay, well, it might not have been complimentary, but that’s all water under the bridge (whatever that means).

As I mentioned, this week’s post is the Anne Dorsey Demo Project. Anne gave me this demo many years ago. It featured her singing three original tunes written by a friend of hers. I believe he did all the production and sang lead and harmony on the demo songs with Anne. (Anne, if you are reading this, please send me any info you may have on the project so I can update this Flashback correctly.)

I have kept this demo all these years because I thoroughly enjoyed Anne’s performance and appreciated her friend’s songwriting and production skills. Putting a demo together is a lot of work, and you really have to believe in your music to put forth this type of effort. And let’s face it, and these songs are catchy!

I think this recording was produced some time in the mid to late ’80s, so production-wise, it’s a pretty competent demo. Now, the titles of each of the songs are still in question. I am just using my most educated guess because the demo tape had no titles or credits listed.

So I hope you all enjoy this week’s Flashback Friday.

  1. Standing On The Brink Of Love Anne Dorsey 5:16
  2. Looking Through The Eyes Of Love Anne Dorsey 3:51
  3. I Just Can't Find The Words Anne Dorsey 3:35

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