I find that occasionally, I will stumble upon a song or two in my Flashback Fridays that I almost forgot I was a part of. I search through tapes, videos, and photos to find unique and intriguing pieces that make me question my involvement. This week’s Flashback Friday is a perfect example of that.

A group of musicians collaborated on a single song, which is typical for a one-off project. Kristen Bellisario and Gary Zdenek conceptualized the song and collaborated on its arrangement and lyrics. The title of the song, “To Be Someone (Tomorrow),” was unclear to me as I failed to write it down.

Kristen Bellisario, a classically trained musician, provided lead vocals and played the flute. Her unique songwriting and vocal style lent a bohemian mood to the song. Craig Ott, a world-class guitarist and former touring drummer played the acoustic guitar, adding great melody and acoustic styling to the project. Gary Zdenek played percussion, drums, and backing vocals flawlessly, creating a relaxed vibe with his tasty take on the song.

I recorded and produced the song myself, lending my vocals to the backing tracks, as did Gary Zdenek. For your listening pleasure, this week’s Flashback Friday is “To Be Someone (Tomorrow).”

Update: Kristen Bellisario shared that a reimagined version of the song was recorded in 2012.

  1. To Be Someone (Tomorrow) Original Kristen Bellisario, Gary Zdenek, Craig Ott, Ed Melendez 6:38
  2. To Be Someone (Tomorrow) 2012 Reimagined Kristen Bellisario 4:42

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